Agent Mastermind March 5: Video For Realtors

Mar 1, 2014 by

What do sellers think about you? Ready to impress them?!

Here is this weeks invitation to the Agent Mastermind March 5: Video For Realtor’s webinar.

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Most buyers and sellers think of a real estate agent as a commodity. Like burgers and fries, they think everyone is the same. Why wouldn’t they? What are you doing to separate yourself from all the other agents out there? Many real estate agents say the same things: sell your house faster, get more showings, Top Producer, call for a free CMA and so on.

Are you ready to stop chasing consumers around trying to sell them on why you are different or better than your competition? Wouldn’t it be nice if they came straight to you asking for your help in buying or selling their home? Of course you would! Who wouldn’t?!

Join us for Agent Mastermind class this Tuesday where we will talk about how you can separate yourself from the pack and impress buyers and sellers without even meeting them up front.

We will show you exactly how to do this including:

  • How to become a local celebrity
  • How to have a video marketing mindset
  • Video topics you can use
  • What is Jing Project and how to use it
  • Creating a video plan
  • Outsourcing your video production
  • Best editing software and equipment
  • And so much more…

Don’t miss out on this class which will change the way you present yourself!

Real Estate Agent training for everything from Social Media, Video Marketing and everything in between. This is the largest weekly gathering of Real Estate Agents – on the web – in the country. Top Real Estate Trainer, Scott Hudspeth teaches techniques for growing your real estate business in today’s market. Come see why some Real Estate agents say this is the best hour they spend every week. Join David Levitt, Main Street Bank,  to find out what you have been missing.

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Agent Mastermind: Tuesday Nov. 12 Twitter

Nov 12, 2013 by

Join me and over 1,500 Realtor’s every Tuesday from 12n – 1pm EST for a FREE  Real Estate Agent Mastermind Webinar.

This weeks webiniar:

What is Twitter?

Whether you think you need to be on Twitter or not, you cannot argue with the fact that millions of people actively use Twitter as a regular form of communication or medium for news, information and entertainment.

In addition to the widespread usage of Twitter, the platform acts as a fantastic way for businesses to directly communicate with their prospects and clients, and vice versa.

Register here

This Tuesday, Elizabeth Rose is going to share how she has successfully used Twitter to grow her business, build her brand and gain a ton of close friends.

She will be covering:

  • How to set up your Twitter profile correctly
  • Tweets, Retweets and beyond
  • What to Tweet and what makes a good tweet
  • Replies that gain exposure
  • What a Favorite says
  • Tweet Etiquette
  • How to find key followers
  • The importance of engagement
  • How to manage

Click to register

Join us every Tuesday at 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EST on the largest, free online weekly Real Estate Training in the nation.


Just strategies to help you grow your Real Estate business in today’s market.

Aggressively dedicated to your success!

p.s. Last week we had an awesome class on Pinterest part 2, the week before that Pinterst
part 1.  If you missed either of them, let me know and I’ll send them right over :)

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