RISMedia’s 2019 Real Estate Newsmakers: Inside the Issue

Dec 8, 2018 by

RISMedia is closing out 2018 with credit to the Newsmakers—individuals in the industry who’ve made news in positive ways. Affecting their colleagues and communities through efforts that include innovation, leadership and humanitarianism, RISMedia’s Real Estate Newsmakers honors the impact they’ve had on the industry, and recognizes their success.

In the December issue of RISMedia’s Real Estate magazine, you’ll find the Newsmakers showcase, highlighting those recognized this year. To access by category, turn to:

  1. 32 – The Influencers
  2. 36 – The Trailblazers
  3. 42 – The Futurists
  4. 48 – The Achievers
  5. 54 – The Crusaders
  6. 58 – The Inspirations
  7. 64 – The Luminaries
  8. 70 – The Trendsetters

RISMedia announced a call-out for Newsmaker nominations over the summer, following the inaugural induction of the 2018 Class of Newsmakers this past spring. Our 2019 Class of Newsmakers—comprising more than 230 individuals—was unveiled this week.

“In RISMedia’s Real Estate Newsmakers, you’ll find an inspirational overview of more than 230 industry leaders who are making a difference in the real estate and homeownership sectors, and whose actions have a far-reaching and profound impact on the real estate industry, from nationwide to their own local communities,” says John Featherston, CEO and publisher of RISMedia. “You’ll meet the thought leaders and the icons. The heroes and the champions of a better way. The ones who are breaking the mold and the ones who are leading the industry forward.”

Our 2019 Class of Newsmakers will be honored at the annual Newsmaker Awards Reception & Dinner, held in May 2019 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The event includes an awards ceremony denoting the Hall of Fame, a group of Newsmakers selected specially for the year.

The December issue of RISMedia’s Real Estate magazine, which includes the Newsmakers showcase, is available for purchase on

Know a Newsmaker? For information on nominating or becoming a 2020 RISMedia Real Estate Newsmaker, please email our executive editor, Maria Patterson, at Nominations will be accepted in early 2019.

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RISMedia’s 2019 Real Estate Newsmakers: Positivity Shines

Dec 4, 2018 by

Whether advocating for a cause, challenging “what’s always been done” or inspiring the masses, RISMedia’s 2019 Real Estate Newsmakers are linked by a shared thread: positivity. Our 2019 class contains the stories of more than 230 Newsmakers, or individuals in the industry making news in positive ways, from their backyard or on a bigger stage.

RISMedia’s Real Estate Newsmakers was born out of what we cover every day: our readers’ stories. It’s our goal to highlight the impact you’ve had on the industry and your neighborhoods, from the full-fledged Futurists looking beyond the here and now, to the Luminaries who’ve made their mark in real estate, and every Newsmaker in between.

The 2018 Class of Newsmakers—our first—were honored during our Real Estate Newsmaker Awards Reception & Dinner this past spring. After that, we asked the industry for their Newsmakers— many who’ve been unsung until now. Countless nominations were submitted over the summer, and we’ve been inspired and motivated by what you’ve shared. Here, we showcase their stories.

Know a Newsmaker? For information on nominating or becoming a 2020 RISMedia Real Estate Newsmaker, please email our executive editor, Maria Patterson, at Nominations will be accepted in early 2019.

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NAR Midyear Attendees: Don’t Miss RISMedia’s Power Broker Forum Today!

May 17, 2017 by

RISMedia’s Power Broker Forum: “New Broker Strategies for Engaging Today’s Consumers”

Date: Thursday, May 18, 2017

Time: 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Where: The Marriott Wardman Park Hotel

Room: Virginia Suite

With the vast array of communication “touch points,” are you effectively engaging on ALL channels? During RISMedia’s annual Power Broker Forum, learn how brokers are connecting with consumers, generating leads and taking marketing efforts to the next level. In this session, leading Power Brokers will share their updated strategies for more effectively reaching and engaging  clients and prospects, and the effect on their overall businesses.

Among the topics discussed will be:

  • Learn how to engage consumers through all of today’s many communication channels
  • Learn how brokers are taking their marketing efforts to the next level to connect and engage today’s consumers
  • Find out how updated consumer engagement strategies are impacting the bottom line
  • Reach today’s consumers where they live: online
  • Generate meaningful, shareable content
  • How automation helps build a powerful social media presence
  • Systematize marketing efforts to save agents time
  • How to create a consistent, relevant brand message

The Forum will be moderated by:

John Featherston, President & CEO, RISMedia
Todd Hetherington, CEO, NM Management, Inc., CENTURY 21 New Millennium

Panelists include:

Scott MacDonald, Broker/Owner, President, RE/MAX Gateway
Matthew O’Connor, COO, Terrie O’Connor Realtors
Burke Smith, Chief Development & Learning Officer, Realty ONE Group
Verl Workman, Founder & CEO, Workman Success Systems

View more information on this year’s panelists.

Over 8,500 REALTORS® will attend the REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo, taking place May 15-20 at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, to advance the real estate industry and advocate policies that protect commercial and residential property ownership and investment.

View more information on the REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo.

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How To Setup RISMedia’s Ace To Auto-post to Twitter

Apr 5, 2017 by

Do you have a Twitter account? Would you like to setup ACE to automatically post content to your Twitter account?  Follow these steps:

  1. Confirm you know your Twitter username and password.
  2. Logout of Twitter: Go to to If this takes you straight into your Twitter page without Twitter prompting you for a username & password then this means you are currently logged in to Twitter. Click your picture thumbnail in the upper right hand corner and click on “Log Out.”
  3. Log into ACE: If not already,  login into RISMedia’s ACE via the blue “ACE Login” button, top right of
  4. In the blue ACE menu click “Social Member Setup”.
  5. Click the blue “ADD” button to the right of the Twitter logo.
  6. Give your Twitter connection a name, like “my twitter connection”, without using any punctuation or special symbols. This is for your reference only and no one else will see this.
  7. Be sure “Activate this Account is checked.
  8. Review and select the auto-post frequency options. Example do you want ACE to post daily, 3x week, 1x week?
  9. Click the blue “Create Connection” button …
  10. A Twitter page will open, enter your Twitter username and password and click “Authorize app” and you will be returned to ACE.


  • You should now see a green Edit button near Twitter in the Social Network Setup area of ACE. A green Edit button is good!
  • Click the green Edit button anytime to adjust posting options or stop posting altogether.
  • Depending on the time of day you establish the connection, it may take up to 24 hours for your ACE auto-posts to start appearing on your Twitter page.
  • If you ever changed your Twitter username or Twitter password, you will have to re-establish your connection between ACE and Twitter.

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Update: Independent Contractor Status in the Spotlight at RISMedia’s 2016 CEO Exchange

Sep 28, 2016 by

Whether you’re a real estate newbie—or you have many years of experience under your belt—you’ve undoubtedly been entrenched in some way in the employee vs. independent contractor issue that’s garnered the attention of real estate professionals across the board over the past several years.

Addressing the topic during a networking breakfast sponsored by ERA Real Estate during RISMedia’s 2016 CEO Exchange at the Harvard Club of New York City, Katie Johnson—the National Association of REALTORS® general counsel—provided attendees with an in-depth look at some of the most significant independent contractor issue updates.

Diving right in, Johnson explained to the captive audience that the revolution taking place outside the confines of the real estate industry is not only affecting the industry as a whole, but it’s also championing increased scrutiny on independent contractor classification on tax laws.

“The gig economy is changing the world, and new companies are making it easier for independent contractors to find jobs and make money in ways they haven’t been able to before,” said Johnson. “In addition to affecting the relationship between brokers and salespeople, government agencies are interpreting existing laws in favor of employment status and against independent contractors, and plaintiffs and class-action attorneys are seizing on the uncertainty of the law.”

While most federal and state governments recognize the unique characteristics inherent in the real estate industry, Johnson noted that over the last several years, REALTOR® associations have been working hard to protect the independent contractor classification in real estate in order to avoid liability for misclassification.

To that end, a new category of worker was brought into the mix: the statutory non-employee. “These individuals get paid mostly on commission or sales output and have a written independent contractor agreement with their broker,” said Johnson. “If these criteria are met, they are treated as an independent contractor for all federal purposes.”

More recently, this same classification has been recognized by the Affordable Care Act, which has been very helpful to brokers in determining liability under ACA.

As far as the independent contractor issue on a state-by-state basis, Johnson noted that many states have very similar laws. “More than half have specific statutes that allow for independent contractor classification, despite the fact that brokers have the obligation to exercise control and supervision over their salespeople,” said Johnson. “Some states will presume independent contractor status, but many have carve-outs in their worker compensation laws.”

But what can real estate professionals do to avoid liability?

“Make sure you have strong independent contractor agreements,” said Johnson, who explained that mandatory arbitration and a class-action waver are two provisions that will help avoid liability. “Brokers must then review their independent contractor agreements with their salespeople. And remember, a written agreement is required for federal purposes.”

Another way to avoid liability is to treat salespeople as independent contractors under common law as best you can by giving them as much freedom as possible to control the way they do their job.

And last but not least, make training or staff meetings voluntary as opposed to mandatory. “Allow your salespeople to pick the technology they want to use to conduct their business, and don’t pay for it. Let them decide when/where/how they want to get the job done.

“While no other industry is facing the conflict associated with how you can treat salespeople as independent contractors while still having the legal duty to have control over them, know that NAR is taking this issue seriously, and watching it closely,” concluded Johnson.

“We will continue to fight to ensure the independent contractor classification remains an option for brokers should they want to continue as independent contractors.”


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