Talent Attraction Is More Than a Recruiting Strategy—It’s a Differentiator!

May 22, 2015 by

In a competitive market where the incentive is not a paycheck, how do you attract someone to your company? The word “attract” is the first clue! According to, the definition of attract is, “to draw by appealing to the emotions or senses, by stimulating interest to cause to approach, by exciting admiration.” At Better […]

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Article: Using Technology in Your Recruiting

Dec 1, 2013 by

realtrends_recruit-techRecruiting both new and experienced agents seems to be a top brokerage business strategy for 2014. Many of the old strategies and tools are still valid, but the use of technology to execute a dynamic recruiting plan has become vital.

In today’s world, you have an unlimited amount of technology to help you create a funnel of potential candidates for your brokerage. Those technologies include social media, websites, email, drip campaigns and mobile.

No matter if you use a select few of these technology options or all of them, one important factor is that you must create a consistent message. Agents are looking for companies that can articulate a vision, demonstrate values and leadership, and show a culture of inclusiveness that will help them grow their businesses. Here are some ideas:

1. Social Media Recruiting

Social media is likely the first technology you embrace in that almost everyone has a Facebook page or is on social[…]

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RET Broker Technology Feed

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