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Ever since its onset, Eric Mead, a REALTOR® with Realty ONE Group’s The Mead Team in Anaheim, Calif., knew that Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®) would be a tool his team would capitalize on. Closed to the public, RPR® is the largest database of parcel-centric property information that provides agents with one streamlined system obtained from multiple sources. With public records, tax assessment info and school district data, RPR serves as a one-stop shop for real estate professionals looking to spruce up their listing presentations and attract more clients.

Armed with the system’s geo-spatial imagery, historical information, heat maps, and more, Mead and his team bask in the confidence that the robust resource gives them…especially when it comes to comps.

“What I really count on is the value range [provided by RPR]. If we’re seeing four or five houses, we’ll look at some at the bottom of the scale and some at the top of the scale. When it comes time to write an offer, it’s an easy conversation to have. RPR gives us confidence and makes us look good,” says Mead.

Using RPR’s customizable reports is an easy way for REALTORS® to deliver information, and more importantly, to tailor that data specifically to each client. RPR helps calm client qualms and provides agents with stunning visuals and easily presentable info that works to educate both buyers and sellers. For example, agents can generate a Seller’s Report to show side-by-side property comparisons, pricing strategies, local market conditions, and more. On the buyer’s side, a Comparative Analysis can create a price range based on comps and market information, as well as the agent’s own knowledge of the property, neighborhood and market.

“It saves me time and money,” says Mead. “It gives me confidence that I’m putting out a product that’s close to where it should be. If I’m 80-100 percent confident, I’ll send out that mini-report [of comps]. If I don’t agree with a valuation, or there’s a discrepancy, I can make the change right in the system or do another valuation right there. It helps on every single listing appointment.”

RPR also has a drive-time tool that tells buyers how long their commutes will be from said locations. When paired with its various school and neighborhood reports, RPR helps REALTORS® keep their ears to the ground in terms of buyer wants, needs and concerns.

“Everything helps in this tool. It’s my go-to now that I use every day. I must have pulled 100 reports from there last month alone,” says Mead (at press time).

While Mead is currently training the rest of his team, he points to RPR’s in-depth eBooks as another tool that takes RPR to the next level. These digital supplements cover topics from open houses and geographic farming to successful listing presentations and tips for working with buyers. And it’s all included within RPR, which is free for all NAR members.

Mead also loves RPR’s graphics that can be placed on landing pages. Coinciding with the various reports that can be generated by RPR, these graphics help turn landing pages into lead gen sites full of co-branded logos, banners and graphics. When paired with attractive, user-friendly designs, RPR’s custom-generated information becomes even more powerful, helping reel in on-the-fence clients.

“Then, we just nurture leads until we can convert them,” says Mead.

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The Don’ts

37. Don’t show up late. Make a great impression and show up a few minutes early. You should treat it like a job interview–after all, it is!

38. Don’t carry strong smells on your person. Pets, cigar or cigarette smoke, alcohol, strong cologne or perfume, garlic–these can be immediate turn-offs and make up someone’s mind before you even have a chance to speak.

39. Don’t neglect your homework. Know the seller’s motivations for their life change, the general condition of their home and how much work they are willing to do to get their house ready for the market.

40. Don’t overlook the seller’s financial situation. Finances are a touchy subject, so you may not want to ask directly, but infer what you can from what they say.

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touchcma_56-tips-listing-presentationsSeven seconds.

That’s how much time it takes to make a first impression. As an agent, your first impression has to be fantastic in order to convince a seller to list with you. Proper planning and preparation will gain you an edge over the competition and earn your potential seller’s business.

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