How the Top Producers Plan to Dominate Their Spring Market

May 6, 2019 by

The stage has been set for a competitive spring season in most markets, and the time to start prepping is yesterday. Do you have the proper strategies and tools in place to maximize your productivity and make the most of the busy buying season? Here are a few tips to get you started. 

Be More Proactive
Now is the time to get out of your comfort zone and start setting those goals higher than you ever thought was possible. Tom Ferry likes to say, “The moment you decide to be fearless is when it really starts.” Use that as your North Star this season to kick your habits into high-performer shape.

Take advantage of more open houses. Spend a few hours each week checking in with past clients, wish them a happy birthday, see how they’re enjoying their house (aka, drum up some referral business). Think about how your day is time-blocked. Are you making the number of calls you need to be making to hit your goals? Are you doing activities that energize you and motivate you? If you need a boost in the motivation department, consider hiring a coach or working with a partner to hold yourself accountable.

Focus on Seller Leads
Getting more seller leads is a smart idea for any agent wanting to crush their goals this season. Do you have a strategy for boosting your listings? Start by choosing the right area. Consider average selling price, opportunity and inventory, and competition. Now, how can you better market to those areas and connect with the community? Get creative with some off-beat places to generate seller leads: communicate with neighbors of your current listings; share creative and informative content via social; or reach out to FSBOs and offer advice or amended services.

Want the inside scoop on how to master the transition from seller lead to listing? Download our free eBook.

Follow Up Like a Machine
Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Is your database set up for success? Utilize technology (once more for those in the back: utilize technology.) Whatever system you use, make sure it is organized and optimized for follow-up. That means leads are tagged and categorized into segments like, “want to buy or sell now,” “looking, but not ready to act,” “searching a few months out,” etc.
  1. Is your communication effective and personalized? Take a look at your scripts (emails, texts and calls), as well as your automated marketing campaigns and make sure they are as personal as possible. Discuss their needs and always remember that you are there to solve their problems. If you are utilizing technology, you should be leveraging the insights you’ve gathered when they register on your site. Use those details to start more effective conversations!
  1. Are you tracking and measuring your performance? This one is simple, so we’ll leave you on this note. Track and measure everything. What’s working, what’s not? Do more of what’s working and hold yourself accountable. Your paycheck depends on it!

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Agents: Turn Your Business Plan Into an Action Plan

Mar 30, 2019 by

An actionable business plan is your first step to success. Don’t lose sight of your strategy! In the next RISMedia webinar, “Agents: Turn Your Business Plan Into an Action Plan,” learn how to effectively execute on your goals and plans for this year.

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What: RISMedia’s Webinar Series – Agents: Turn Your Business Plan Into an Action Plan

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When: Wednesday, April 3, 2019 at 3 p.m. ET / 2 p.m. CT / 1 p.m. MT / 12 p.m. PT

Who: Featuring Dan Elam, Elam Real Estate; and Mariette Martinez, Intuit; moderated by Cleve Gaddis, Workman Success Systems

For coverage of the webinar, follow @RISMediaUpdates and use #RISWebinar.

About the Webinar

Dan Elam is founder of Elam Real Estate in Murfreesboro, Tenn. Elam has over 20 years of experience in real estate and has degrees in Management and Finance from Middle Tennessee State University.

Mariette Martinez is a financial accountant, IRS Enrolled Agent and Intuit trainer/writer who has worked in the accounting, tax and technology industries for over two decades. This blend of experience allows her to create content and spread awareness for the entrepreneurial community around the importance of financial literacy, year-round tax compliance and embracing technology.

Moderated by

Moderator Cleve Gaddis, leader of one of Georgia’s top 10 real estate teams and coach with Workman Success Systems, has over 25 years of experience in sales. Gaddis is also host of the “Call Cleve Atlanta Real Estate Show” on Talk Radio 640 WGST and Newstalk 1160.

Each month, RISMedia’s webinars draw over 1,000 agents and brokers from across the country eager for exclusive insight from the industry’s most profitable professionals. To view our last webinar, “How to Find Gold in Referrals,” please visit RISMedia’s Housecall.

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Accelerate New Agent Sales With a Success Plan

Feb 20, 2019 by

As the manager or broker, you have recruited a talented group of new agents and want to see them pass the test and launch instantly into a flood of listing and sales activity.

This can and should happen if you provide them with a plan and direction. The best way to hit the ground running is to set up your new agent with a specific daily routine and Success Plan of action that helps them become producing agents quickly. With these tools, they will be making money and thriving. Here are some best practices for creating immediate success with your new agents:

  1. Create a personal business plan. Based on your agent’s income goals and needs, meet with your agent and write a business plan on how much money they “must,” “would like to” and “would love to” make. Put on paper what the plan is for achieving those results. Identify the 3-4 methods of prospecting the agent will conduct for new listing and buyer clients. Set them off t doing the items you each agreed to and include a due date for completion. Give them specific tasks to do to create listing and buyer opportunities for themselves.
  1. Focus the new agent’s attention on getting at least three new listings in the first 60 days. We all know wonderful things happen when you are the listing agent. Besides getting most of the credit for the sale, listing agents last and sell the most. If your new agents realize early on that listings are where it’s at—that they produce more buyers and additional opportunities—they will go after the listing side of the business and not spend too much time with buyers. This maximizes their time and sets them up for immediate success.
  1. Hold open houses in the right price points with listing opportunities. Make sure your new agents are holding the right houses open each week that attract move-up buyers. Have them watch my “Make $ 50K at Your Next Open House” webinar, which gives amazing and easy-to-implement strategies on how to make $ 50,000 at their next open house, complete with the right script strategies to convert more leads into income.
  1. Teach them how to prospect expireds and FSBOs. New agents will try anything, and they should. Provide them with a good script strategy that will help them get appointments. Ask for a copy of their calls and results to hold them accountable. Make the calls with them or go on appointments scheduled. These are free leads that are interested in selling their homes. Proactively go after these leads and to, again, set them up for success.
  1. Meet with them weekly. Hold a new agent meeting with anyone who hasn’t sold 24 houses in two years or has been in the business for less than two years. This creates momentum and a cadence of accountability with your new agents, and they develop relationships with each other when sharing successes and brainstorming challenges together as a team. This meeting should be weekly and never cancelled. The broker or manager is responsible for creating the environment for success to happen.

For more information on training, coaching and developing your sales teams or managers, Sherri Johnson offers world-class exclusive manager, agent and team coaching and consulting systems and solutions that will accelerate your business and produce amazing results.

Sherri Johnson is CEO and founder of Sherri Johnson Coaching & Consulting. With 20 years of experience in real estate, Johnson offers coaching, consulting and keynotes, and is a national speaker for the Secrets of Top Selling Agents tour. For more information, please contact or 844-989-2600 (toll-free) or visit

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Make a Professional Development Plan That Sticks

Jan 1, 2019 by

At the beginning of any new year, our ideas for growth are often endless, and our energy is limitless. The problem comes a few months into the year as we veer off track, we get busy, we start to tighten our budget, or we simply forget to invest in ourselves.

Continuous learning is what gives us a firm foundation in this business. A study completed in 2018 by Real Estate Express shows that real estate professionals that invest in their education and stay up to date on best practices earn two-and-a-half times more than agents who don’t invest in developing their skills.

Below are some steps for increasing the return you’ll reap from your learning investment in 2019. Outlining all of this now will help create an education plan you can stick to throughout the year.

Evaluate the Past
Take an in-depth look at each opportunity you took advantage of last year. Did the time and money you put into the activity translate to more knowledge? Time saved? More money made? Write down the activities you feel were least successful in helping move your career forward. These areas represent a loss for your return on investment, and you’ll want to consider if you’re going to tackle them again this year.

Identify the Skills You Need to Hone
What skills do you need to develop in 2019? Write them all down and then stack rank them regarding time commitment (how long it will take you to build that skill). Next, order them in terms of monetary investment. Finally, order them according to the potential return on investment. The skills that float to the top of each list are a great place to start building your 2019 plan.

Devise Your Learning Plan
As you look to the year ahead, think about your learning goals, and the best resources to use to achieve them. Include opportunities you found success with the prior year and consider eliminating the activities that didn’t provide value. Talk with your broker to identify resources that could help you improve. Research the what, where and how of the opportunities. Develop a calendar outlining when each opportunity takes place and add a line item to your budget to cover the cost of the course or conference.

Get Creative
As you identify how to up your knowledge in each of these areas, seek educational resources that give you the most leverage. If you need to complete continuing education hours, look for courses that will build on your learning goals. Save time by enrolling in an online course. Maybe weekly coffee with some top agents in your office will give you the insights you need. If you’re looking to up your tech game, identify newer agents with the skill, and create an inverse mentorship.

Develop a Budget and Look for Ways to Save
Add a line item for education and professional development into your budget. Next, look into a few ways to save money on your training:

  • If you decide on a conference or workshop, check to see if there’s an early-bird special and try to book in advance, or inquire about group rates.
  • Opt for a good mix of learning formats. You may not be able to afford to attend multiple conferences, so consider adding in on-demand learning, such as webinars, podcasts and online courses.
  • Check with your broker to see if they have any education partners that offer discounts.

Tom Davidson is the general manager of Real Estate Express, a national leader in online learning for pre-licensing, continuing education and professional development. Davidson has nearly 15 years of experience in the real estate industry. From sales training and product development to growing the business, his multi-faceted background encompasses crucial functions to a successful career in the field. To learn more, visit

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5 Action Items for Your 2019 Business Plan

Dec 5, 2018 by

As real estate professionals, we often try to predict what will happen next. What are the threats to our business? Where will I drum up new leads? What do I need to do next?

With 2019 on our doorstep, I thought I’d share the crucial skills our seasoned instructors recommend you capitalize on, or at least bake into your 2019 business plan.

Incorporate Thoughtful Networking
“2019 promises to be a year full of potential, despite anecdotal feelings of a softening in some markets, especially for real estate professionals focusing on the luxury price point. With that said, perhaps the most critical skillset to focus on is thoughtful networking outside of traditional venues. Relationships with other providers of (luxury) goods and services, professionals who share a similar client base and other successful upper-tier agents can result in connections to buyers that wouldn’t happen by simply listing a property and creating effective marketing materials. Focusing on positive opportunities will make the difference between an average year and a great year.”
– Tami Simms, REALTOR®, CLHMS, Institute for Luxury Home Marketing Trainer

Cultivate Relationships
“Relations still—and always will—matter. One thing real estate professionals need to learn, especially those just starting out in their career, is something that will carry them into every listing, sale and property management agreement: Real estate is all about relationships. There are many ebbs and flows in the business, and always something new to learn. You can learn the laws, take the exams and figure out the technology, but without the capability of building a relationship, your survival in the business is dubious.”
– Jolita Brazzano, Broker/Owner, Real Estate Express Instructor

Improve Your Communications and Simplify Transactions
“Industry expertise and local market prowess will no longer be sufficient. Those attributes must now be coupled with faster-paced communication—think text message and video chat—and using tools to streamline transactions, just as consumers have experienced in other types of businesses and now expect from the real estate community.”
– John Walker, Broker/Owner, Superior School of Real Estate Instructor 

Consider Competitive Commission Structures
“Sellers are driving the competition for the commissions they pay to sell their house. The seller only wants to pay for the services rendered, and only for the services they think are warranted and ‘needed’ in selling their house. Sellers also want to get away from a ‘fixed percentage’ for commissions. Learning how to navigate this structure, and how to better position the fees you charge, will provide valued transparency so your listings thrive.”
– Linda Leavitt, Broker, Real Estate Express Instructor

Strike Balance With Technology and Personal Interaction
“Remember that technology can’t make up for what our business is: a people and service business. No machine can replace you, as long as you provide excellent customer service and treat people as if you’re in it for the long haul. Do this and you’ll find success throughout your career.”
– Melanie McLane, REALTOR®, Real Estate Express Instructor

Tom Davidson is the general manager of Real Estate Express, a national leader in online learning for pre-licensing, continuing education and professional development. Davidson has nearly 15 years of experience in the real estate industry. From sales training and product development to growing the business, his multi-faceted background encompasses crucial functions to a successful career in the field. To learn more, visit

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