Convert More Loyal Buyers With Your ‘Exclusive Homebuyer Program’

Jun 10, 2019 by

Creating life-long relationships should be the goal of every agent on your team.  Adding value to buyers by providing actual value is easy to do, yet most agents don’t add any value to a potential buyer and therefore don’t get hired and don’t convert many leads into new clients.

By adding tremendous value to the homebuying experience with every single potential new client, your buyer agents can convert more leads into loyal clients and referral sources for life. You have to include the value and be able to communicate and market yourselves as actually adding real valuable services to them, even, ‘exclusive’ services that no other agent or brokerage does in your marketplace.

I’ve always said, ‘First we sell ourselves and our value, then we sell a house.”  Do your agents know how to sell the value of your team and what they bring to the potential client’s experience?

Follow these easy-to-implement steps that will have everyone on your team creating ‘real value add’ to potential buyers and see your lead conversions increase dramatically as well as increases in listings, sales, repeat clients and referrals.

Step 1: Create a system for all new clients.

This means every single new, potential client (both listings and buyers) go into the ‘system’ for tracking and more effective follow up. Using a simple CRM, you can create better follow up reminders for calls and emails and make sure you are maximizing each lead, and nothing will slip through the cracks. It all starts with an organized, repeatable system. 

Step 2: Provide your own ‘Exclusive Homebuyer Program.’ 

Sure, your brokerage may have some great printed or digital buyer presentation, but you need to create your own, team-branded version and include each of your buyer’s agents with their own customized page for their presentation and guides. You need to co-brand with your company but include your team photos, your mission, your purpose, your market share graphs, your ‘system’ and program that your team provides. Coach the agents on your team how to communicate with confidence the services outlined in your buyer program and guide. Provide each of your buyer’s agents with their own About Me page that showcases the special skills and services they bring to the buyer.

Create a digital and printed ‘Exclusive’ Homebuyer Program.’ What your unique program consists of is all of the steps you take a buyer through from needs analysis to financing to home inspection through closing and moving. You want to show added value, and here is your chance to show them all the valuable tasks and expertise you bring to the table and that you do it better than anyone else in the market. You have exclusive access to know about new listings that your team is listing before they come on the market that you can get that buyer into first and fast. These are real value propositions that you must be able to communicate and show each new client. Create a brochure or digital booklet or “Homebuyer Guide” that shows the radically differentiated value you and your team bring to the table for this buyer. Brand it and demonstrate all the special and extra services you and your agents bring to the process that make it stress free. Literally say that you add value to the process and are seen by your clients as invaluable to the process of homebuying and selling.

Step 3: Include an offer to ‘Enroll in the ______ Team’s Exclusive Homebuyer Program and Receive Our Complimentary Homebuyer Guide.” 

This is a free, value add. People want the information you are willing to give them and when you provide it, they are not only impressed, they choose to work with you. Include everything they need to buy a home, from the offer to purchase, homebuying specifications and wants/needs list, financing, list of referrals for home inspectors, title and closing information, moving checklists, and this valuable resource is part of your Homebuying Program. When you call it ‘something’ and give it a name, it makes it real and legitimate and truly valuable. They will be overwhelmed with your services and see you as the top professional that you are. Your team members will be able to convert at a much higher level too because they will now have a marketing tool that communicates the value of working with them and your team.

Step 4: Use these everywhere to convert leads into clients.

Your new Exclusive Homebuying Program should be used at open houses, on call-ins and when responding to online leads on your listings. You can always refer to the program and the guide and again use it to help show your services and the expertise and truly different services your team provides. Offer this as a lead generator on social media with a call to action link and you will see amazing results from effectively marketing yourself.

By coaching your team and differentiating yourself through using a “Homebuyer Program,” it will give you a competitive advantage when trying to get hired by potential buyers. It goes without saying that you will have to also provide this level of service to your buyers as well. Again, talk about what you actually do for your service fee. You will separate your team and your buyer’s agents on your team from everyone else who offers nothing to a new buyer except some MLS printouts.  Your team will be adding tremendous value, attracting and converting new clients and referrals as well as generating new revenue to your team immediately.

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Sherri Johnson is CEO and founder of Sherri Johnson Coaching & Consulting. With 20 years of experience in real estate, Johnson offers coaching, consulting and keynotes, and is a national speaker for the Secrets of Top Selling Agents tour. For more information, please contact or 844-989-2600 (toll-free) or visit

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Making Waves in More Ways Than One: Newsmakers in the Spotlight

Dec 9, 2018 by

Whether for commendable growth or inventive thinking, many of RISMedia’s 2019 Real Estate Newsmakers garnered headlines for more than one reason this year. Here, we highlight a selection of stories, with claims to fame that include increased marketshare, an IPO, and a pivotal rebrand.

Brian Bair (Trailblazer)
CEO & Co-Founder, Offerpad

  • In May 2018, Offerpad earned $ 150 million in a financing round.
  • In July, the company expanded its leadership team, adding a new chief of staff/COO and a new chief product and analytics officer. In September, the company hired a new CTO.

Adam Contos (Futurist)

  • In February 2018, RE/MAX acquired booj, developer of lead gen systems, websites, and more.
  • In July, the company was named one of the top 10 “Global Franchises” by Entrepreneur. In October, the company was named one of the top 10 franchises by Franchise Times. In the second quarter of the year, agent count hit a new record: over 123,000 worldwide.

Dean deTonnancourt (Achiever)
CEO & President, HomeSmart Professionals Real Estate

  • In 2018, HomeSmart Professionals Real Estate expanded into Maine, its second marketplace in New England. The brokerage—HomeSmart International’s first franchise on the East Coast—was established in Rhode Island.
  • DeTonnancourt was named 2019 president of the Rhode Island Association of REALTORS® this year.

Cheryl Eidinger-Taylor (Achiever)
COO & President, ERA Key Realty Services

  • In February 2018, ERA Key Realty Services merged with HUNT Real Estate ERA, combining 1,600 agents and more than 50 locations in New England and New York.
  • In July, Eidinger-Taylor was awarded the Banker & Tradesman Women of FIRE award.

Georg Gerstenfeld (Trailblazer)
General Manager of Global Real Estate Solutions, DocuSign

  • In May 2018, DocuSign went public.
  • In October, the company debuted DocuSign Rooms for Mortgage, and in November, in conjunction with the National Association of REALTORS®, launched the “Go Digital” program for associations.

Daisy Lopez-Cid (Crusader)
Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Premier Properties

  • Lopez-Cid is the 2018 president of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP).
  • In January, she was named Humanitarian of the Year by the Osceola County Association of REALTORS® for her efforts following Hurricane Maria. In November, she was the recipient of RISMedia’s “On the Shoulders of Giants” award.

Diane Ramirez (Luminary)
CEO & Chairman, Halstead

  • In April 2018, Halstead Property rebranded to Halstead Real Estate, complete with a fresh logo, positioning and website.
  • Ramirez was named the 2019 chair of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® this year.

For the complete list of Newsmakers this year, browse our directory at

For more information on RISMedia’s Real Estate Newsmakers, please visit

Know a Newsmaker? For information on nominating or becoming a 2020 RISMedia Real Estate Newsmaker, please email our executive editor, Maria Patterson, at Nominations will be accepted in early 2019.

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Using Your Team’s Strengths to Land More Listings

Nov 26, 2018 by

In a listing appointment, we don’t get a second opportunity to make a great first impression. That’s especially true in the ultra-competitive team segment of real estate.

I really feel like the first step to a great listing appointment is to listen to the seller’s needs. I think this gives you an advantage. Have you ever thought of what a competing team may be doing? Let’s say that an agent for a competing team goes in and feels like they have to do most of the talking to impress the seller. Before we can really impress the seller, don’t we really have to listen and not make assumptions?

I love being the second or third agent to interview for the listing. This is a great opportunity, especially when the other agents print off comparables in a fancy brochure. Don’t get me wrong: Beautifully executed listing presentations are great—but opportunity lies in really getting to know the needs of the seller.

If you are having success as a buyer’s agent, then listening is something you are accustomed to. I think it’s important we use the same skills with sellers that make us great with buyers. Face-to-face experiences with buyers can be really useful on a listing appointment; they can demonstrate your true understanding of what the buyer is looking for. Don’t treat the listing appointment like it’s something different than what you or someone else on your team is already doing with buyers. These different pieces are all part of the same process for selling a home.

After discovering what’s most important to the seller, then it becomes crucial to know the product you’re selling inside and out. Instead of printing comparables, I do this research and studying at home. That way, I internalize the comparables, versus having to point to a piece of paper in front of them. Keep in mind most sellers have the same amount of information available to them, so personal preparation and really knowing what you’re selling are key.

Do you role-play prior to listing appointments? If you are able to, do it. Role-play with agents on your team, as well as with agents you don’t know. The skills you can improve role-playing are incredibly valuable, so please don’t overlook this. One thing I enjoy most about being a Workman Success Systems coach is being able to role-play with agents I have never met before, while also having my own coach moderate that role-play with valuable feedback.

Michael Harmon is a coach with Workman Success Systems and a REALTOR®, associate broker and the managing director for The Harmon Team at RE/MAX Prestige. He’s spent nearly 20 years as a sales agent and manager within the real estate and insurance industries, and has extensive sales training and leadership skills, as well as a commitment to cultivating long-lasting client relationships. For more information, please visit

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The post Using Your Team’s Strengths to Land More Listings appeared first on RISMedia.


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