Cartus Accelerates Into Next Phase of Digital Transformation With Reinvigorated Client Experience

Feb 6, 2019 by

Cartus Corporation, a Realogy company and a market leader in global mobility, has a dedicated focus on creating innovative technology for clients, customers, partners and employees. With key leadership in place and a clear strategy, Cartus is poised to drive the business forward by building expertise in areas such as product innovation, digital transformation and predictive analytics.

The recently-launched version of the new client interface in CartusOnline® is the first of many planned tech enhancements Cartus will be unveiling over the coming months. This latest reinvigorated version incorporates dynamic data analytics while offering a modern look and feel for an enhanced user experience. All clients will benefit from advanced business intelligence and data visualization right on their homepage.

The new homepage offers mobility leaders a complete snapshot into their active relocations. Key features include:

  • Simplified navigation and streamlined interactivity
  • Integrated data visualizations with enhanced drill-through capabilities
  • Powerful ad-hoc reporting capabilities to build your own reports from the ground up
  • Consolidated “To Do” items with color-coded badges
  • Move phase categorizations
  • Integrated feedback mechanism
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design
  • Advanced keyboard shortcuts for power users

In a truly collaborative effort, the Product Solutions team aligned with Cartus Account Management to develop this new client experience. The redesigned client interface provides enhanced access to tools and incorporates key features based on client suggestions and feedback.

MovePro Vision available for clients with significant supporting data

Cartus recently unveiled their next predictive analytics innovation for global relocation, MovePro VisionSM. MovePro Vision is the first client-facing product designed to anticipate events and provide data-driven decision support during the corporate relocation process. Clients who have completed a statistically significant number of moves—which is required to generate the data needed to fully benefit from this technology—can designate MovePro Vision access to key mobility leaders.

MovePro Vision is powered by LEAP, Cartus’ Leading Edge Analytics Practice, which predicts and develops insights based on the company’s rich history of industry-exclusive data:

  • 3 million relocations
  • 7,700 unique country combinations
  • 80 million financial transactions

“Whether you’re managing dozens of moves in a single country or thousands of assignments across multiple continents, relocation is a complex machine,” says David Pascoe, senior VP of the EMEA and APAC regions at Cartus. Our reinvigorated client experience simplifies the entire online management process by putting the most relevant tools and information at your fingertips from the initial log-in. From verifying expenses, authorizing new assignments or predicting exception trends, the new client experience is designed to provide our clients what they need to make their job easier and your employees’ moves better.”

“It is an exciting time to be at Cartus,” says Michelle Vallejo, senior VP of the Americas region at Cartus. “We have a sharp focus on developing technology that delivers substantial benefits for our clients and customers. We initiated in-depth discussions with a variety of stakeholders and were able to incorporate many of their ideas and suggestions into our new client interface. The result is a clean and fresh look with easy-to-navigate pages filled with pertinent information.”

“Cartus’ technology evolution is focused on creating a smarter and more intuitive digital experience across all of our products and services,” says Nica Ganley, VP of Analytics and Technology Solutions at Cartus. “With our shift to an ‘Agile Development’ model, we will be able to meet client needs in a timely manner while offering flexibility in adapting to their changing priorities.”

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Sprinkling the Holidays Into Your Listings

Dec 13, 2018 by

The season is upon us, and now is not the time to ignore your business—especially your listings—but rather, a great time to make it stand out.

That said, here are a few tips to help infuse your staging, listing photos and open houses with a bit of holiday spirit to grab the attention of potential buyers. Just remember: Run your ideas by your seller and don’t go overboard. You want to attract buyers, not push them away!

  1. Depersonalize it. Whenever showing your seller’s house, the general rule is to keep personal information about them out of sight. Holiday photos and personalized decorations, like pictures from the family hay ride or Christmas stockings with the kids’ names on them, should therefore be stored during showings.
  1. Simplify it. While highlighting the holiday season, to draw positive attention to your listing, you want to ensure the property itself is the main attraction. You don’t need to fill the home with an abundant amount of colored lights, tinsel and trees to make it look festive. A few red, silver and gold touches can generate that same holiday feel without being obnoxious.
  1. Keep it classic. A simple wreath on the door or garland over the fireplace will be more universally appealing than an inflatable Santa or life-size Nativity scene. To appeal to more buyers, minimize or eliminate overtly religious symbols.
  1. Accentuate positive features. A bland mantle can look impressive with the right decorative touches. Bay windows can be accentuated with the right seasonal color scheme. A simple staircase can turn into a must-have feature if you present it right. Use seasonal decorating to draw attention to the details that make your listing different from others on the market.
  1. Sometimes a holiday scent is all that is needed. Winter wick potpourri, freshly baked cookies, scented pinecones, pine-scented air fresheners…there are many ways to create a seasonal scent. Just try not to overwhelm visitors. The fragrance should be a pleasant background effect, not a nasal assault.

Do you find yourself spending valuable time and resources marketing your listings without really knowing what you’re getting in return? How many of your leads are calling because of listing flyers you left at a new listings? How many picked up your card at an open house? If you aren’t sure what effect, if any, your marketing is having on your business, the Holiday Marketing for Real Estate eBook can help.

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Virtual Staging Transforms Cold, Vacant Spaces Into Warm, Welcoming Homes

Oct 27, 2018 by

Photo credit: VHT Studios

By Brian Balduf, VHT Studios

Technology and the convenience it offers to buyers and sellers has changed real estate forever. The days of starting a home search inside the office or car of a real estate professional and touring five or six houses are long gone. Now, interested buyers expect to “shop” for their new home whenever they want on whichever device they desire and they often spend hours clicking through listings online before ever scheduling a visit. As a result, savvy real estate professionals are using many new tools to help their listings gain an advantage and sell faster.

One of the hottest tools deployed by real estate professionals is virtual staging, especially when used to market vacant condominium units.
Let’s face it, an empty condo unit, whether it’s a studio or penthouse, can lack the “curb appeal” that motivates buyers to take the time to make a visit. Empty rooms appear as boxy walls of white (or even worse, depending on the previous owners’/tenants’ tastes and color palette).

If many condos are for-sale in the same building, those big boxes with beige carpet and white walls appear disappointingly similar and fail to present their possibilities as a home. Virtual staging can help a vacant condo stand out from the rest and inject a new look into the listing photography, which brings that condo to life.


Photo credit: VHT Studios (virtually staged)

Not to worry – you don’t have to put on silly helmets or special goggles to do it.

Virtual staging in real estate refers to the virtual photographic tools available to real estate professionals, in partnership with their professional photographer, to showcase a home and its potential. Virtual staging is the most common tool in the virtual real estate drawer and is playing a major role in the marketplace by appealing to prospective buyers or tenants.

Through virtual staging, a professional photographer captures photographs of vacant or lived-in homes and virtually changes a condo’s décor and furniture to make a great first impression to buyers or renters searching for their next home.


Photo credit: VHT Studios (virtually staged)

In many cases, you really don’t want to show a house as it is decorated by the current owner/tenant, since buyers may not be interested in seeing the current owner’s stuff. Sellers should be reminded that their listing needs to help the next homeowner envision their own unique future lifestyle in that condo or apartment.

Take a fresh look at those empty rooms where the next owner will spend most of his/her time. Ask how you can appeal to that future owner/tenant by presenting the different possibilities of styling and furnishing various rooms. Various virtual staging tools such as virtual redecorate, virtual furnish, virtual repaint, and virtual declutter provide endless ways to showcase homes.


Photo credit: VHT Studios (virtually staged)

These virtual tools give owners the chance to showcase the multiple functions of a spare bedroom by using virtual redecorate as an inexpensive virtual makeover to convert it to an office, arts and crafts room or nursery.


Photo credit: VHT Studios (virtually staged)

Want to appeal to a fitness fanatic? You can virtually redecorate a second bedroom as a workout space. Virtual redecorating strips all furnishings from a photograph and drops in new furniture, wall color and décor to help you attract the next homeowner by showcasing the potential of the room in different styles or even different functions.
No two homeowners have the same taste, so appeal to the broadest audience possible by offering many different styles of the same living room, such as rustic, modern, shabby chic, traditional and beyond.

Sometimes, the virtual tools solve real estate professionals’ biggest headaches.

Did the current owner move out quickly, taking all her furniture and leaving behind a unit that appears cold and unwelcoming? Virtual staging can fill a vacant room with furnishings without the expense or inconvenience of having to rent or move in tables, chairs, couches or beds. The savings in time and budget are significant when compared to traditional staging costs.

Did the seller forget to clear the clutter before a photo-shoot? Virtual declutter can magically eliminate all of the current owner’s/tenant’s personal effects and knick-knacks from surfaces to present a clean, wide-open look.


AFTER Photo Credit: VHT Studios (virtually staged)


Photo credit: VHT Studios (virtually staged)

Or does the dark red wall make the living room appear smaller? It can be virtually repainted a calming gray or white, making the room look more spacious and inviting.

During showings, to remind buyers of the virtually staged photographs they first saw online, real estate professionals can place the virtually staged photographs on an easel, or offer as a handout so buyers can actually see the potential of a room, rather than imagine it on their own.

Another tool that is rising in popularity is interactive floorplans. Some people just can’t look at a floorplan and “see” the flow of a condo. Interactive floorplans include photos from each room, to effectively help a buyer visualize how she’d live in her new home, or how he’d quickly move from his exercise room to the shower and make it to work on time.

Young singles and married couples now make-up the largest population of buyers and are accustomed to being wowed by the content they read and watch. Their expectations are no less when it comes to being dazzled by the potential of the next property they’re thinking of buying. Smart real estate pros will sell listings faster and grow their businesses stronger, by appealing to the needs and expectations of this young market and by helping them envision the full realm of possibilities.

Brian BaldufABOUT THE AUTHOR: Brian Balduf, CEO, chairman and co-founder of VHT Studios, has built the Rosemont, Ill.-based firm into the nation’s largest real estate photography and image management services company. Since he co-founded the company in 1998, VHT Studios has helped more than 200,000 real estate professionals sell more than $ 200 billion in properties through its nationwide network of hundreds of photographers and image specialists. Delivering to real estate professionals their most powerful selling tools – high quality photography and video – Balduf has worked to ensure their properties get seen more, sell faster and at the highest price. For more information, visit, The VHT Studios Blog or find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Styled, Staged & Sold

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