Drop the CRM Grab the Phone

Dec 6, 2018 by

Drop the CRM Grab the Phone – Especially this month!  A good CRM certainly does it’s job, but during this holiday period, it’s better to grab the phone.

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NAR Help May Be Money Grab

Nov 11, 2013 by

The National Association of Realtors is considering doing marketing for Realtors on their behalf.

The NAR conference in San Francisco is coming to its conclusion today.  We spent some time at the conference on Friday to interview a few Realtors.  What an event.  NAR always knows how to put on a good show.  Hilary Clinton was the main speaker this year, too bad we didn’t have a chance to see her.  There had to be about 8,000 participants and a ton of vendors.  If you ever get the chance to attend one of their big conferences you should.  They typically have a great line up of speakers and the after parties are incredible.

One of the items covered at the conference was the notion of NAR doing marketing on behalf of their members to their clients.  If you don’t quite get this, it means a Realtor closes a deal and then NAR winds up sending marketing materials to the client on behalf of the Realtor member.  They’re even thinking of sending reminders to the Realtor to contact their clients as well.  Okay so, is this good, bad, no big deal?  Can’t really tell for sure as we haven’t personally seen any examples, but we’ve obviously got our opinions.

Our thought is that NAR isn’t really the type of organization to roll something out that doesn’t make them lots of money.  There certainly isn’t anything wrong with that.  NAR has been making hundreds of millions of dollars of it’s members for decades, and NAR has been there to back them on the Hill, so nothing terribly bad about that.  But what we suspect will happen is the marketing materials to the Realtors clients will be peppered with advertisements from huge vendors.  Of course the thought from NAR will be that they are providing discounts which is a benefit to the consumer.  Yeah, a discount is clearly a benefit but does it come at a cost to you?  After all, you’re no longer in control of the message to your clients and these ad’s will be a huge money grab for NAR.

Again, this is speculation on our part and a healthy NAR is a good thing, but we’re just not so sure it’s a good thing to have them messaging directly to your clients without your approval or direction.  Just your humble opinion, but what we want to hear is yours.  So let us know what your thoughts are down below.

You all have a wonderful day and If you’re in Green Bay Wisconsin tomorrow, come out and see us!  Be sure to register for our Listing Booster webinar by CLICKING HERE.

Happy Veterans Day!

Frank and Brian


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