A Guide for Potential Guest Bloggers at Geek Estate

Sep 27, 2013 by

guest-blogging-importanceOver the last couple months, I’ve been getting a lot of requests to guest post (via this page). I guess that means Geek Estate is doing well since others are finding it and realizing there is an engaged audience here.

Yet I find myself turning down the vast majority of requests.


Mostly, it’s because those pitching haven’t done any research. So, I’m going to help by putting all the high level research needed in one spot.

If you are interested in guest blogging at Geek Estate — please start by reading this post.

Beyond that, here are a few things to think about…

  • I’m not a fan of ghost writing.
  • This blog is focused on real estate technology for industry professionals. If you don’t have real world real estate experience and learnings to share, this is the wrong outlet to pitch. How can you possibly help this audience do better, if you haven’t done anything within the industry yourself?
  • If you’re pitching a topic focused on home buyers or sellers (I get a lot of these), you’re virtually guaranteed to not get a response. If you spend 2 minutes reading past posts, you’ll know Geek Estate’s audience is NOT buyers / sellers — but tech savvy real estate professionals looking to grow their business.
  • I’m not opposed to vendors writing, but posts from them need to be written without pimping your own products or clients. You’re not going to get any text links within the body of the post unless you write at least 2-3 quality posts first.

Hope that helps clarify a few things for potential guest bloggers.

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All Time Favorite Posts on Geek Estate

Sep 4, 2013 by

I had coffee today with an agent – Greg Martin – who has been in the real estate business 5 months. He mentioned that he finds immense value in the content here, but has never searched through the archives (this blog has been live since 2007). Here are some of my favorite posts worth reading…

Top 5 Most Viewed (not necessarily best or most useful) posts of all time…

What are your favorite posts?

PS: I’ve now met everyone listed in the greater Seattle area on this list of Geek Estate community members. If you read this blog and in the Seattle area (or anywhere else for that matter), please do add yourself to the directory as I’d love to meet you in person.

You can use this link to tag your profile correctly:

The post All Time Favorite Posts on Geek Estate appeared first on GeekEstate Blog.

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