Revelation Real Estate: An Inspired Approach to Success

Nov 17, 2018 by

Angela and Chuck Fazio, Revelation Real Estate

Chuck and Angela Fazio are best friends, husband and wife, and co-owners of a dynamic and fast-growing Arizona real estate company ranked by the Wall Street Journal as one of the “Top 10 Single-Office Brokerages in the Nation.” With Chuck’s marketing background and Angela as designated broker, Revelation Real Estate has become the top-producing single-office brokerage in the East Valley marketplace, growing from a team of 15 agents in 2005 to more than 800 agents currently on track to close $ 2 billion in sales this year.

In this exclusive interview, the Fazios discuss their passion for putting agents first, the Christian foundation that inspires them and their unique and multi-faceted approach to building a successful business.

Barbara Pronin: Can you tell us a bit about your personal backgrounds and how you came to lead Revelation Real Estate?
Chuck Fazio: I’m originally from New York. I did a lot of things in my years back East—even ran a nightclub for a while—but in 1998, I moved to Arizona in search of a better life. It was the best thing that ever happened to me, because that’s when I first went into real estate, and that’s when I met Angela.

Angela Fazio: I started in Arizona real estate in 2001, and Chuck and I partnered very soon after we met—but we had a hard time getting started. We would pray about it all the time, and soon everything seemed to open up for us. In 2002, we closed nearly $ 12 million in business, and we continued to increase sales: $ 17.5 million in 2003, $ 22 million in 2004, and $ 40 million in 2005. That year, our team, not including us, closed $ 89 million. At the end of that year, we started Revelation Real Estate—a name that truly reflects our faith—and we grew right through the recession years.

Revelation Real Estate’s office—The Forum—dominates the Valley.

More than just a home for the brokerage, The Forum offers areas for work and play.

BP: Your office building in Chandler houses more than 800 agents—plus all your support staff. Tell us a little about that.
CF: We have just one office building, which is a huge complex that dominates the Valley. It’s called The Forum. There are 21,000 square feet inside, as well as a 7,000-square-foot, resort-like patio area. We have a full-service cafe with a chef on staff that’s open to the public. In fact, we have areas that can be rented out for special events—and our on-staff event planner schedules live concerts, mystery dinners and other entertainment free of charge, where our agents can spend some quality time meeting, greeting and building relationships with their clients.

AF: The Forum not only houses Revelation Real Estate, event space and the bar/cafe, but also houses our real estate school, as well as six conference rooms and sound-proof “prospecting rooms” where agents can duck in to make or take important calls. We even have a game room equipped with a pool table and arcade games.

BP: How did you develop this very creative approach to your business?
AF: By the grace of God, the strength of our own relationship and a strong commitment to enriching the lives and the mindset of our agents. We have six children ourselves, so we understand the importance of family and how vital it is to balance your work with your home life. We put a lot of time, money and effort into seeing that our agents are happy and fulfilled, because happy agents tend to be the most productive.

CF: We also have a great team—a staff of 20 or more who are dedicated to the success of our agents. From Tracey Couture, our CEO, and Catherine Shaeffer, our managing broker, to our amazing corps of training, marketing and agent support leaders, this is a team like no other. Jennifer Aldridge, our office manager extraordinaire, helps keep everything going. In all, caring is the secret sauce that creates our amazing culture—which, as Angela said, helps make our agents the very best in the business.

BP: Your firm has certainly enjoyed a spectacular growth rate. Tell us a bit about your recruiting strategy and your agent retention rate.
CF: We’re very picky, because we provide such a high level of value to our agents, but our recruiting team leader, Kristen Cantrell, is one of the best in the business. Some referrals come from agents already on board—and many agents in the region seek us out because they’re drawn to our business model.

AF: That’s why we continue to grow quickly—in just the last two years, for example, from 500 to about 800 agents. Many of our agents and staff have been with us for a long time. Chuck and I have an intensity that many people don’t have, and we apply that intensity to enriching the lives of our agents. They know the deep caring we have for them.

BP: What’s your approach to training and coaching?
CF: We have our own real estate school, so we know our agents are getting a good start. And we’re very hands-on and personal in our training and coaching. We want our agents to reach the very top of the mountain.

AF: I used to be a teacher, so training is important to me. New agents can choose our mentorship program that lasts a year. Experienced agents receive ongoing training and coaching on a variety of levels for as long as they’re with us. It’s critical for us, and I’m personally gratified when an agent tells us, “I’ve learned more in this one class or this one training program than I’ve learned in my whole career.”

BP: What about your marketing strategies? How are you connecting with consumers?
CF: Primarily through social media, and through our own very personal approach to business. We have media resource rooms in our building, and a staff to help agents prepare videos, provide awesome presentations and other necessary marketing visuals. We also have staff working our agents’ databases on their behalf, keeping in touch, sending out videos and providing a calendar of social events designed to keep agents connected to customers. Nicole Shambre and Sheridan Caprisecca lead in those areas.

BP: How do you stay ahead of the curve on technology?
AF: We ask the young people! No, really. Our daughter, Danielle Neilson, is a whiz at social media and works as our resident social media guru. She creates and manages the company brand and media specifically for the purpose of business development.

CF: Social media and technology aside, we encourage our agents to maintain meaningful connections, especially with past and present clients. We hold what we call “mindset meetings” every Monday morning—a 45-minute time designed to prepare agents to meet the challenge of the week ahead. Agents don’t have to be there in person—maybe 30 to 40 agents are there on any given Monday—but hundreds watch each week on Facebook. We focus on mindset, and on the realization that we aren’t here just to sell real estate, but to connect with people in meaningful ways. We even wrote a book to help our agents out. It’s called “Marketing Your Real Estate Career.”

BP: How would you describe the state of your market? What are your challenges and opportunities?
AF: In certain price ranges, there’s still a shortage of inventory, which makes for a hot market—and we also have a very strong rental market. In all, the business environment is good, and unemployment is low. The opportunities are really unlimited. It’s a great time to be selling real estate.

CF: Our biggest challenge is time—time to manage our complex business lives and make time for our kids and our grandbaby. But we’re builders and creators and motivators by nature. We’re dedicated to inspiring more agents to be happy and successful, because they, in turn, inspire the success and well-being of the company.

Chuck and Angela Fazio have big plans for the future as they look to widen their circle of customers and friends.









BP: What’s on deck for the future of the firm?
CF: We’re excited about the future. Of course, we will continue to grow Revelation here in the Valley, but God has called on me to do more. I know I can positively affect many more agents. Revelation isn’t duplicatable, but I have big plans to attract a team of talent nationwide and invest into their business with the same intensity as I do here locally. That’s why I moved my license to eXp Realty. Part of the plan is to share my expertise with anyone who wants to excel in business and could benefit from my scripturally-based coaching and training.

AF: Our company culture is based on scripture—specifically Proverbs 27:17, which says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” We see this as the next stage of our own development, and, we hope, as an opportunity to widen our circle of customers and friends.

For more information, please visit

Barbara Pronin is a contributing editor to RISMedia. 

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Barry Habib Rate and Real Estate Update

Nov 1, 2018 by

Barry Habib Rate and Real Estate Update Try MBS Highway by CLICKING HERE!

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National Real Estate Post

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6 Steps to a Powerful First 6 Months in Real Estate

Oct 25, 2018 by

Setting the right pace and track for a successful first six months requires focus, clear vision and easy-to-implement strategies to kick your business into high gear this quarter and set yourself up for a breakthrough year.

  1. Clean your desk. Sound simple? Maybe. But there’s a lot of psychology behind this. A lot of chaos comes with being a real estate pro these days. By clearing the clutter and having a workspace that is free from distractions and mess, you give yourself a better landscape to practice your business.
  2. Square up your listing conversation.My uncle was a Navy man, and he was known for telling us to make sure everything was “squared up,” meaning it was as crisp and solid as it could be. Your listing conversation—or presentation as some of you might call it—is one of the most powerful and important components of a real estate professional’s business. Make sure it’s so perfect you could do it in your sleep. When you do, you’ll have more confidence to deliver it—and more confidence to prospect and land the appointments to deliver even more!
  3. Determine five things you’re comfortable talking about with sellers. For some people, it’s about getting over the discomfort of what to say and when to say it. When you have some backup material, it makes you feel more empowered. Find five things you can always converse about to have as your backup. For example, talk about your company’s impeccable reputation. If you’ve mastered open houses and following up with potential buyers, you can talk about that. Your listing conversation is more about speaking from your heart and your passion, not your head.
  4. Use the Listing Inventory chart to stay focused. Remember, it’s not just listings that are the name of the game, it’s listing inventory. This powerful little tool helps you visually keep track of your inventory, run your business like a business and motivate you to keep growing your business.
  5. Schedule specific days and times to prospect, and don’t waiver.Your prospecting time should be a non-negotiable appointment with yourself each week. I know it’s easy to get distracted in our business—and our world. If we wait until we feel like prospecting, we’ll never do it, right? So, my suggestion is to block off at least three times per week, for at least one hour per session. It’s a habit that will help you build your business and grow your wealth.
  6. Have a solid business plan with monthly goals for more momentum and urgency. Don’t over complicate it! As I always say, the problem with annual goals is that you don’t start paying attention to them until month eleven!

Darryl Davis, bestselling author of “How to Become a Power Agent in Real Estate and owner of Darryl Davis Seminars, has trained and coached over 100,000 real estate professionals around the globe for more than 27 years. He is the founder of the Next Level® real estate training system, The Power Program®, which has helped agents double their production over their previous year. For more information, and the new agent tools that can help take you to your Next Level®, please contact or visit

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Solid Source Real Estate Companies: Committed to Finding and Implementing What’s Next…First

Oct 20, 2018 by

Rebecca Meredith, President, Solid Source

Oct18_Solid_Source_Cover_300x420_300dpiAccording to Rebecca Meredith, Solid Source was founded in 2003 as the answer to a perplexing concern.

“Since the time required to review a contract is the same regardless of the sales price, why is the commission paid to the broker different?” asks Meredith, president of the Atlanta-based firm. “After all, 100 percent of client lunches, individual agent branding, gas, health insurance and other expenses are paid for by the agent. Isn’t it only fair the agent keeps 100 percent of their commission?”

Today, Solid Source is home to more than 1,700 real estate agents who sell over $ 1 billion annually in Metro Atlanta residential real estate. What’s the secret to accomplishing and sustaining this ongoing level of success for over 15 years?

“Our track record is solid,” says Meredith. “We’re constantly committed to the research and development of new technology, unique home marketing, and providing the foundation for platforms where the agents are encouraged and free to brand themselves.”

Solid Source Founder Michele Velcheck adds: “Even after interviewing thousands of agents joining our firm, it still surprises me when amazing agents have been convinced by a previous broker that the success the agent has worked so hard to earn was a result of the broker’s name. Really?”

Learn more about the culture and strategies that continue to mold the Solid Source success story in this exclusive interview.

Maria Patterson: Rebecca, wouldn’t all agents prefer to keep more commission from every sale? Why do you believe agents hesitate to keep more of the money they work so hard to earn?
Rebecca Meredith:
We hear the same response consistently: “I’ve considered coming here for years, but fear of change, learning new systems and rebuilding my brand with a new broker kept me from the inevitable choice I knew I would make someday. I’m frustrated now thinking of the money I would have saved with more services and broker support than I have now.”

Finding out that changing brokerages can take place within a few business hours, and that signs, business cards, marketing materials, etc., can be ordered in advance to eliminate downtime, brings a huge sigh of relief. Then, it’s like a light comes on and the welcome party begins.

(L to R) Michele Velchek, Founder; Derek Varnadoe, Vice President; Rebecca Meredith, President, Solid Source

(L to R) Michele Velchek, Founder; Derek Varnadoe, Vice President; Rebecca Meredith, President, Solid Source

MP: I understand Solid Source designed and implemented one of the first paperless transaction management softwares in the country in 2006. Can you tell me more about what compels you to continue to design and implement new technology?
Absolutely! When we see our agents burdened with redundant, time-consuming activity, it leads to a “what’s next” brainstorming meeting to research and evaluate how to give them back the precious gift of time.

For example, our newly released Vision software imports transaction data from FMLS to eliminate re-entering the same data into company software. provides secure online submission of earnest money to provide an alternative to rushing checks to the office. All attorneys can wire commission checks, and we pay agents via direct deposit, which allows the agent to start the closing celebration when it happens without the burden of driving a check to the office.

One of my favorite ways we use technology is by broadcasting training to various offices for agent convenience. In addition, our sales meetings are streamed live and recorded so the agent can participate real-time through any internet connection, or go to the online library archive to watch it later. By the time one project is being completed, we’re already evaluating new project ideas to make the lives of our Solid Source family easier.

Oct18_Meredith_PQ_96MP: How did you manage to grow your agent base to such an impressive number?
We focus on serving agents with our very best every day through accessible, non-competing broker support, investing time and resources to design intuitive technology and innovative processes to assist agents in every transaction. We genuinely care about each agent personally and professionally. More than 70 percent of our agents were referred directly or through professional interaction with our agents during a transaction. We’re committed to serving every agent with excellence, gratitude and respect. We’re thankful to our Solid Source family for sharing the good news.

MP: What do you look for when hiring staff members to support your agents?
Honesty, high-capacity intelligence, courage, humility, knowledge-seekers with a servant heart and a consistent, trustworthy thought process. We’re thankful that each member of our corporate staff has a college degree, real estate license, or both. Everyone is cross-trained so there’s no weak link in the chain of agent support. Brokers are full-time, non-competing, available, transparent, encouraging and completely focused on serving our agents. Our agents appreciate the consistency of accurate, professional communication and assistance. The common denominator of our corporate staff is the gratefulness in each of our hearts for every agent. We realize every moment of the day that we have a job because Solid Source agents choose to work here. It’s an honor to serve, train, advocate, encourage, promote and love our remarkable Solid Source family. Hearing an agent exhale when they realize knowledgeable advice is being provided to handle a simple question or difficult situation is why we love doing what we do.

MP: Please describe your firm’s culture and leadership philosophy.
The company culture at Solid Source can be summarized in five words which are easy to remember with the acronym FAITH: Fair, Appreciative, Innovative, Truthful, Helpful.

Actions speak louder than words and trust is earned by consistent actions over time. There are many examples to validate how we earn trust from our agents, but this one started in 2003. Our transaction fee has never increased, and our monthly office dues have only changed one time in 15 years. During the recession in 2008, we offered the option to include E&O insurance monthly instead of paying a lump sum annually. Agents were offered the opportunity to remain on the same plan or choose the new one, which was $ 40/year more. We still honor agent dues on the previous plan today. Solid Source has been debt-free since opening, and we love to research and develop technology, marketing platforms and time-reducing process solutions to help our agents increase business, promote personal branding and improve quality of life…at no additional charge.

Oct18_Meredith_PQ_97MP: Solid Source has a history of being involved with service projects locally and internationally. Why is giving back so important?
The excitement and honor we feel about the fact that God has given us a front row seat to help those in need locally and globally makes our heart beat. Rejoicing with communities as grandmothers realize that their children and grandchildren’s children will have access to clean water makes emotion surface that words cannot communicate. Education isn’t free in Africa, and it’s not affordable to widows and orphan children. We also provide Thanksgiving meals to Georgia families who have been nominated by agents, and we participate in many national disaster relief efforts. Providing land, disaster relief, mentorship through soccer programs, building schools and orphanages with sustainable approaches to exist without continuing need of support multiplies our success at least 100-fold when you look at what really matters. Current and past projects are online at

MP: Michele, what deciding factors resulted in Rebecca becoming the president of Solid Source?
Michele Velcheck:
When I met Rebecca in 2011, it was immediately clear to me that our Solid Source world could be different—better, more progressive and relevant. As a graduate magna cum laude from Auburn University, Rebecca’s intelligence exuded, but perhaps even more importantly, she expressed genuine concern for our agents and humanity. Her time spent researching before making important decisions was overly impressive and made me realize…she’s a nerd like me! She has great empathy for those in need locally and throughout the world, and her natural leadership allowed her to gain respect from the staff immediately. These attributes led me to appoint Rebecca as the Solid Source president within 12 months of our meeting. When I reminisce on our extreme progression since this decision, the only word that can possibly capture the feeling is peace.

MP: Rebecca, what is your top priority moving forward?
Maintaining our commitment to never become complacent.

For more information, please visit

Patterson_Maria_60x60Maria Patterson is RISMedia’s executive editor. Email her your real estate news ideas at For the latest real estate news and trends, bookmark

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Real Estate and Retirement

Oct 7, 2018 by

Little known secret: A retirement plan that works well for agents is the Solo 401(k). You can save up to $ 54,000 ($ 60K for agents over 50) a year and deduct it from your taxes.

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