Talent Attraction Is More Than a Recruiting Strategy—It’s a Differentiator!

May 22, 2015 by

In a competitive market where the incentive is not a paycheck, how do you attract someone to your company? The word “attract” is the first clue! According to, the definition of attract is, “to draw by appealing to the emotions or senses, by stimulating interest to cause to approach, by exciting admiration.” At Better […]

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Article: How to Make Technology a Business Differentiator in Real Estate

Dec 18, 2013 by

In the last decade, almost everything in the consumer and business worlds has gone digital, with all kinds of information now accessible on your smartphone and tablet at anytime. Real estate is no different.

From reaching a purchase agreement with all parties on an iPhone and booking home showing appointments with the click of a button, to using social media to increase inbound leads, successful agents and brokerages are making technology a part of their larger business strategy.

Adapting to this new ‘digital-first’ world can be a massive business differentiator if you do it right. Of course, there are hundreds of technology choices nowadays. How do you decide which are right for you? How do you ensure your organization actually makes use of them so you see the return on investment (ROI)?

Here are my strategies for success:

1. Don’t Fall Victim to Shiny Object Syndrome: Choose Technology That’s Right for Your Business

With so much technology available today, it can be absolutely overwhelming. It’s the matter of sorting through the noise and finding the tools that are most effective for[…]

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RET Broker Technology Feed

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