What will it take to accelerate MLS consolidation? [VIDEO]

Sep 16, 2013 by

Insights from Indiana Regional MLS’ Carrie Kendall

Carrie Kendall has served as the CEO for the Lafayette Regional Association of Realtors since 2000.

Last year Kendall was appointed general manager of the newly formed Indiana Regional MLS (IRMLS), where she’ll be responsible for the consolidation of the listing data and services for 13 Indiana MLS organizations across 42 counties into a single database.

MLS consolidation is a reality. There are some early wins, but the pace is slow. What will it take to accelerate Darwinian progress in the MLS world?

Hear what Carrie Kendall has to say about “MLS consolidation.”

Carrie Kendall on “MLS consolidation” (3:18).

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