Homeowners often take advantage of falling mortgage rates and refinance their current mortgage to lower their existing rate, shorten or lengthen the term of the mortgage or to take cash from the equity that’s built up in the home.

In some cases, a refinance makes sense. Sometimes it doesn’t.

The key question homeowner’s need to sort out before they consider a refinance is what are their financial goals and what do they want to accomplishwith a refinance?Reducing the interest rate and starting over on a new 30-year mortgage may not be in your best interest if your goal is to pay off the remaining mortgage. Refinancing just restructures your debt.

Sometimes, refinancing makes sense to shorten the loan term to a 10-year or 15-year loan if the goal is to pay off the house.

We have the tools to give you real answers to the question what will I save and what will it cost?We can prepare a custom analysis with our EDGE software and email you a report showing your actual savings and cost of a refinance.

Call or emailus for a FREE analysis today to see if refinancing is right for you.

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