Revelation Real Estate: An Inspired Approach to Success

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Angela and Chuck Fazio, Revelation Real Estate

Chuck and Angela Fazio are best friends, husband and wife, and co-owners of a dynamic and fast-growing Arizona real estate company ranked by the Wall Street Journal as one of the “Top 10 Single-Office Brokerages in the Nation.” With Chuck’s marketing background and Angela as designated broker, Revelation Real Estate has become the top-producing single-office brokerage in the East Valley marketplace, growing from a team of 15 agents in 2005 to more than 800 agents currently on track to close $ 2 billion in sales this year.

In this exclusive interview, the Fazios discuss their passion for putting agents first, the Christian foundation that inspires them and their unique and multi-faceted approach to building a successful business.

Barbara Pronin: Can you tell us a bit about your personal backgrounds and how you came to lead Revelation Real Estate?
Chuck Fazio: I’m originally from New York. I did a lot of things in my years back East—even ran a nightclub for a while—but in 1998, I moved to Arizona in search of a better life. It was the best thing that ever happened to me, because that’s when I first went into real estate, and that’s when I met Angela.

Angela Fazio: I started in Arizona real estate in 2001, and Chuck and I partnered very soon after we met—but we had a hard time getting started. We would pray about it all the time, and soon everything seemed to open up for us. In 2002, we closed nearly $ 12 million in business, and we continued to increase sales: $ 17.5 million in 2003, $ 22 million in 2004, and $ 40 million in 2005. That year, our team, not including us, closed $ 89 million. At the end of that year, we started Revelation Real Estate—a name that truly reflects our faith—and we grew right through the recession years.

Revelation Real Estate’s office—The Forum—dominates the Valley.

More than just a home for the brokerage, The Forum offers areas for work and play.

BP: Your office building in Chandler houses more than 800 agents—plus all your support staff. Tell us a little about that.
CF: We have just one office building, which is a huge complex that dominates the Valley. It’s called The Forum. There are 21,000 square feet inside, as well as a 7,000-square-foot, resort-like patio area. We have a full-service cafe with a chef on staff that’s open to the public. In fact, we have areas that can be rented out for special events—and our on-staff event planner schedules live concerts, mystery dinners and other entertainment free of charge, where our agents can spend some quality time meeting, greeting and building relationships with their clients.

AF: The Forum not only houses Revelation Real Estate, event space and the bar/cafe, but also houses our real estate school, as well as six conference rooms and sound-proof “prospecting rooms” where agents can duck in to make or take important calls. We even have a game room equipped with a pool table and arcade games.

BP: How did you develop this very creative approach to your business?
AF: By the grace of God, the strength of our own relationship and a strong commitment to enriching the lives and the mindset of our agents. We have six children ourselves, so we understand the importance of family and how vital it is to balance your work with your home life. We put a lot of time, money and effort into seeing that our agents are happy and fulfilled, because happy agents tend to be the most productive.

CF: We also have a great team—a staff of 20 or more who are dedicated to the success of our agents. From Tracey Couture, our CEO, and Catherine Shaeffer, our managing broker, to our amazing corps of training, marketing and agent support leaders, this is a team like no other. Jennifer Aldridge, our office manager extraordinaire, helps keep everything going. In all, caring is the secret sauce that creates our amazing culture—which, as Angela said, helps make our agents the very best in the business.

BP: Your firm has certainly enjoyed a spectacular growth rate. Tell us a bit about your recruiting strategy and your agent retention rate.
CF: We’re very picky, because we provide such a high level of value to our agents, but our recruiting team leader, Kristen Cantrell, is one of the best in the business. Some referrals come from agents already on board—and many agents in the region seek us out because they’re drawn to our business model.

AF: That’s why we continue to grow quickly—in just the last two years, for example, from 500 to about 800 agents. Many of our agents and staff have been with us for a long time. Chuck and I have an intensity that many people don’t have, and we apply that intensity to enriching the lives of our agents. They know the deep caring we have for them.

BP: What’s your approach to training and coaching?
CF: We have our own real estate school, so we know our agents are getting a good start. And we’re very hands-on and personal in our training and coaching. We want our agents to reach the very top of the mountain.

AF: I used to be a teacher, so training is important to me. New agents can choose our mentorship program that lasts a year. Experienced agents receive ongoing training and coaching on a variety of levels for as long as they’re with us. It’s critical for us, and I’m personally gratified when an agent tells us, “I’ve learned more in this one class or this one training program than I’ve learned in my whole career.”

BP: What about your marketing strategies? How are you connecting with consumers?
CF: Primarily through social media, and through our own very personal approach to business. We have media resource rooms in our building, and a staff to help agents prepare videos, provide awesome presentations and other necessary marketing visuals. We also have staff working our agents’ databases on their behalf, keeping in touch, sending out videos and providing a calendar of social events designed to keep agents connected to customers. Nicole Shambre and Sheridan Caprisecca lead in those areas.

BP: How do you stay ahead of the curve on technology?
AF: We ask the young people! No, really. Our daughter, Danielle Neilson, is a whiz at social media and works as our resident social media guru. She creates and manages the company brand and media specifically for the purpose of business development.

CF: Social media and technology aside, we encourage our agents to maintain meaningful connections, especially with past and present clients. We hold what we call “mindset meetings” every Monday morning—a 45-minute time designed to prepare agents to meet the challenge of the week ahead. Agents don’t have to be there in person—maybe 30 to 40 agents are there on any given Monday—but hundreds watch each week on Facebook. We focus on mindset, and on the realization that we aren’t here just to sell real estate, but to connect with people in meaningful ways. We even wrote a book to help our agents out. It’s called “Marketing Your Real Estate Career.”

BP: How would you describe the state of your market? What are your challenges and opportunities?
AF: In certain price ranges, there’s still a shortage of inventory, which makes for a hot market—and we also have a very strong rental market. In all, the business environment is good, and unemployment is low. The opportunities are really unlimited. It’s a great time to be selling real estate.

CF: Our biggest challenge is time—time to manage our complex business lives and make time for our kids and our grandbaby. But we’re builders and creators and motivators by nature. We’re dedicated to inspiring more agents to be happy and successful, because they, in turn, inspire the success and well-being of the company.

Chuck and Angela Fazio have big plans for the future as they look to widen their circle of customers and friends.









BP: What’s on deck for the future of the firm?
CF: We’re excited about the future. Of course, we will continue to grow Revelation here in the Valley, but God has called on me to do more. I know I can positively affect many more agents. Revelation isn’t duplicatable, but I have big plans to attract a team of talent nationwide and invest into their business with the same intensity as I do here locally. That’s why I moved my license to eXp Realty. Part of the plan is to share my expertise with anyone who wants to excel in business and could benefit from my scripturally-based coaching and training.

AF: Our company culture is based on scripture—specifically Proverbs 27:17, which says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” We see this as the next stage of our own development, and, we hope, as an opportunity to widen our circle of customers and friends.

For more information, please visit

Barbara Pronin is a contributing editor to RISMedia. 

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Time to Get Real About the Numbers

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National Real Estate Post

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Black Friday Shopping for…Homes

Nov 16, 2018 by

Black Friday shopping has become an American tradition nearly as big as Thanksgiving itself. We let the irony float over our head that on the fourth Thursday of November, we give thanks for all of our blessings, and the very next day, we go buy all the things we think we need.

Maybe it’s because we love the thrill of hunting for a great deal—or, just as likely, maybe we’re just trying to avoid political arguments with crazy Uncle Gene.  Either way, we shop, and we shop big, to the tune of $ 5 billion.

Between the cold weather and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s easy to think that people are too distracted trying to find toys and TVs to shop for real estate. Easy—and wrong.

It turns out that the shopping mood extends beyond doorbusters all the way to front doors. Searches for real estate spike the weekend after Thanksgiving (and just a few days after Christmas, too).

You might be thinking “My sales during the holidays are colder than that singing, dancing snowman!” You might be right—but just because people may not be buying as much during the holidays doesn’t mean they aren’t searching.

So, what do you do with this knowledge? Simple: Be the one they’re searching for. How can you be on the top of their mind while they’re searching?

  1. Target hyper-locally.

Using Cole Realty Resource, you can pull up real email addresses for specific streets and neighborhoods. Got a home for sale for $ 250,000? Target the neighborhoods where people typically upgrade from—either a community of starter homes, or one where the home value makes your listing accessible.

You can plug these emails into Facebook and serve them the listing in their feed as they’re waiting in line to buy Hatchimals at Wal-Mart. 

  1. Make your current clients smile.

Last year, my REALTOR® bought Thanksgiving pies for all of her clients. Not just any pies—the giant ones from Costco. All we had to do was answer a simple question: pumpkin or apple? (We chose pumpkin.)

Guess which REALTOR® in our city got a lot of love on Facebook during Thanksgiving weekend?

  1. Be helpful.

If some people are buying, some people are selling. Share blog posts or articles that will help would-be buyers and would-be sellers through the process. Some good topics: financing, calculating home value/monthly payments, getting your house ready to sell, home improvements that increase sale price, etc.

Sellers might not thaw out until spring, but if you reach out to them during the holidays, you’ll be thankful.

For more information, please call Cole Realty Resource at 888-231-0732, or visit  

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New Facebook Ad Targeting Tips

Nov 15, 2018 by

With 2.27 billion users, Facebook offers unique opportunities to connect with potential leads.

However, due to changes to its algorithm, companies have been finding it more and more difficult to get organic traffic to their posts. Having success with Facebook is largely dependent on creating a strong advertising strategy, which requires a combination of appealing ads and targeting them to the right groups. Unfortunately, due to Facebook’s new targeting option changes, this, too, is harder now than it used to be—but it’s not impossible. There are still several options you can use to target your perfect audience with Facebook ads.

Before digging in to targeting techniques, do a quick review on how to create a Facebook ad.

Start by selecting the dropdown arrow at the top right of your Facebook account, then click the “Create Ads” option from the menu.

Facebook will then walk you through the ad creation process step-by-step, with slightly different options depending on the goal you chose. For example, if you choose “Traffic” as your goal, you’ll be asked to indicate where you want to send your traffic: a website, app, or your Facebook Messenger account. You’ll also be asked to add any images or headlines you want to include in your ad.

Once that’s completed, you’ll come to the “Audience” section. This is where you’ll identify who you want to see your ads.

Filtering your audience is easy to do with Facebook’s criteria, such as “Custom Audiences,” “Locations” and “Detailed Targeting.” Use any or all of these options to pinpoint your audience. Remember to keep your audience broad enough that you still have a large enough pool of potential clients.

Custom Audience

The custom audience feature allows you to advertise to people you’ve already had contact with in some way. Examples of custom audiences include your current email list, someone who has visited your website without registering, or people who have engaged with your social posts in the past. Select the “Create New” option, and Facebook’s ad manager will display several options to help you hone in on your desired audience.

Another great feature is Facebook’s “Lookalike Audience.” You can use this option to find people who are similar to those in one of your saved custom audiences. The “Audience Size” setting allows you to choose how similar you want your target lookalike audience to be to your original audience. I recommend keeping this as small as possible—1 or 2 percent of the population.

You can use the same technique when choosing the ages and gender of your ad target. You can create a different ad for millennials versus baby boomers or for men versus women.


Choosing where your ad runs is very important. You can run it worldwide, across the country, or as local city or zip codes. Consider creating a separate ad if you have multiple cities or zip codes you want to advertise in; that way, you can customize your message for each area, even if it’s just changing the name of the city or zip code on the ad, it adds a hyper-local feel.

Detailed Targeting

Detailed targeting is where you can really fine-tune your ad audience to target potential buyers, sellers and referrers. There are two main sections to concern yourself with here: the include and exclude fields. These can be based on demographic data, interests or behaviors. You can include as many as you like, and if someone meets any one of your inclusion criteria, they may be shown your ad. Similarly, if someone meets any one of your exclude criteria, they will not see your ad.

You can create hyper-specific ads by pairing your inclusions with a specific zip code. Use the “Browse” option to see a list of popular options. Targeting the income demographic can help you reach out to the top earners in your area, or find people in the right range for your geographic farm.

You can also target certain life events, like engagements and newlyweds—occasions that often prelude a home purchase. Parents are another good group to target. (With this ad inclusion, it’s often a good idea to mention the convenience of the location.)

You can also type your own options in. For example, you can target people who may already be researching homes by adding as a factor.

The exclusion option is great when you want to reach new clients rather than existing ones. Use it to exclude people who have already interacted with you or your website or social media. Just remember that when excluding people to avoid discrimination—this is in line with Facebook’s recent removal of 5,000 targeting options to help prevent misuse of advertising on the platform.

Targeting Examples

Before you start entering your targeting data, you should have a clear goal in mind. Know exactly what you hope to achieve, and envision the audience that would allow you to meet that goal. Here are a couple examples of how you can target different groups to meet your goals:


As much as you would like people to work with you because you’re the best agent for the job, sometimes they choose their agent based on convenience. Target the people around your office or areas you frequent, so you can demonstrate how easy it would be to get to your office or otherwise get in touch with you.


You likely already have people coming to your website or people who you’ve worked with in the past. They’re a great target audience. People who have visited your website may be interested in a transaction and just haven’t gotten to the agent selection part of the process. People you’ve worked with in the past already know and like you, and may be a great source of repeat business and referrals. Target them as possible sources of new business or referrals.

If all this seems like a lot of work, don’t give up on using Facebook ads altogether. actually offers social media management. We can design and post ad campaigns on your Facebook page for you. Learn how it works here.

Patty McNease is director of Marketing at For more information, please visit  

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